Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

So, since Meikle and I are not very good about blogging, we're going to try really hard to keep this a little more up-to date than it has been. Everything is going really well. Meikle is still working with his deacons and loving it, and working away as an assistant engineer. Kelley is busy at the house with both kids, and trying to keep up with everything life throws our way. I've decided to start a small business, and hoping to see how that pans out. (It's mainly for bows, flowers, and headbands-let me know if you're interested!) Kaden is doing awesome! During the colder months, he got bronchitis, which you wouldn't have been able to tell at all personality wise except for the sad deep chest cough he had. Now, his bronchitis is all clear! But, sadly his allergies are going crazy again! He's now off dairy again to see if that does anything, and is getting allergy tested again soon. He can't have dairy or eggs, and we have to keep an epi pen for him. Poor kid! But, he is still one of the happiest kids you'll meet! Loves to be outside and play football, loves to play "kitchen" with the play kitchen Santa brought, and loves anything to do with Toy Story! He carries around his "woodybuzz" action figures EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. They go to the store with us, they go in the bath, they sleep with him. It's so funny and cute! He is the sweetest older brother ever, and still refuses to say Sydney. To him, she's still just "baby". He is talking a lot more, and is learning more sentences which is awesome! And as for Sydney, she's still just the happiest baby ever! She likes her nap schedule/routine to stay the same, so if you interupt it she gets a little upset, but she is such a good baby! We've been so blessed with good babies! She's still sleeping through the night from about 8-5, then wants a bottle and goes back to bed until 8 or 9. With the help from my sister and my sister in law she has more clothes than the rest of the family put together, and I have to change her like 3 times a day to catch up! Well, not really, but she does have a lot! And it's so fun for me to have my girl! She is giggling now, and rolling over, and trying to stand and sit up! She's only 3 months! Crazy girl. But, she's so fun and we're so excited for when she can play back with us! And that's that. Everyone is happy and healthy, and just getting adjusted to life again after the holidays. Our Christmas was awesome, and so fun with Kaden figuring out more and excited for what "yanta" brought him! And our new years was nice and relaxing! We stayed up and played Wii until 3! haha. We can be nerds, but it's ok! My parents bought us our entertainment center from Ikea that I've had my eyes on for almost a year now, and we were able to buy a new tv finally! So, we had to take advantage of the big screen and sit down and play some games on the Wii! But, everything is good, and we're loving life. We wish all our friends and family the best of this new year and good health to go along with it! We love you all and will be keeping you posted of anything new :)