Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sydney Alyse

Sydney is here!!! She came Tuesday October 6th, at 12:15 am. She was 7 lbs. 11 0z, and they claimed she was 20 1/2 in. long, but...according to her first pediatricians appointment, she is 19 1/4 in. long. But, she is here healthy and happy. We had a bit of a weird experience with her birth, so I'll tell the quick version of it. We went to the hospital Monday night at around 7:30, were admitted at 8:30, and spent an hour in triage. So, finally when they decided I was in labor, they started my IV, and sent me to my delivery room where I got my epidural(around 10:30pm), and was completely content. At this time, they checked and I was about a 6, so we just had to wait until I was fully dilated. So, at around 11:45pm, my nurse, Melissa, came to check, and pulled back the sheet, and noticed that my water had not broken, but was intact and had part of the way delivered, so, we decided if we broke my water, that Sydney would be here, so it was time to call the doctor.....So, we called the doctor at 11:50pm, and he was on his way. So, we just waited....around 12:10am, I was feeling very sick to my stomach, and was nervous I would throw up, since that's my least favorite thing ever.....but, it persisted and a few minutes later, I said, I'm going to throw up, so with Meikle over my right shoulder, and Melissa over my left shoulder, I threw up twice, and then the third time, Melissa said, "I think we have a baby here!" She lifted back the bedsheets, and lo and behold, there was Sydney Alyse crying a little kicking.....being that I had my epidural, I did not feel a thing, but she came out in her water and the water popped when she came out. Melissa then talked into her walkie talkie and said, "ya, we're going to need some nurses in here....". So, the nurses came in and tried to get her cleaned up, and quickly realized that there was no doctor in the room, so the cord hadn't been clipped. So, we're not exactly sure when Sydney came, or what exact time, so we rounded to 12:15am, and the doctor came at 12:20am, and helped finish everything up. So, it was a crazy night/morning, and apparently a very rare story.....I was taken to post partum, and all of the nurses were talking about how I was the girl that "threw up her baby". So it was pretty shocking, but amazing! Sydney is doing very well.....a very quiet and content baby girl. She has been nursing really well, and has almost regained her birth weight. The pediatrician said she was very healthy, so we're all happy! I'm feeling great!!! A little sleepy, which is to be expected, but feeling very good, and back to normal. Meikle has been doing good too, a little sleepy as well, but he has been such a good help!!! He luckily had saved up enough time from work to be able to take the week off, so he's been playing with Kaden and been helping around the house a lot. So, it's been really good! Kaden has been so sweet with his "baby", nervous around her, and just looks at her and smiles and says, "baby". But then goes right back to playing with something else....(probably dice, his new favorite toys). But, everyone is happy and healthy and we LOVE our new addition!!! Things have been so fun, and we're so blessed!!! Thanks to everyone that has helped and been our support! We love our family and friends!!! :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

So Kaden and I made a trip up to Utah for my neice, Valerie, Miranda's oldest daughter, to see her baptism. It was over Labor Day so I am a little slow in putting stuff up but hey, thats life. We drove up on Friday and back on Monday so it was busy and quick but we did get to see one of my good friends from Australia, Robyn Jarman. She brought us some red gummi frogs! Just about the best lolly ever made! Too bad it has to be imported to get some. But we had fun and gave Kelley a quiet weekend to work on the baby bumper for the new baby's crib (who was due yesterday and nothing came out!). Kaden wanted to play in the grass the whole time we were in Utah (since ours is dead at our house he doesnt like it much...).

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kaden didn't really enjoy the game because the ball was too far away...haha...he did like the hot dog though and tried the take the beer from the guy next to us....the guy left really upset....haha....

Kelley Almost There

So Kelley is due on October 4 so its getting close and she is VERY excited to have the baby and play barbies with her (should be a girl if the ultrasound is right...)!!!! Oh and do you like our blue wall!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Weeks!

Ahh....crazyness, so two weeks left until Sydney Alyse is here.....(well, until she's due). So, thought I should try and fill ya'll in before she's here and there isn't time....Meikle is doing good, his office had him stop traveling for a while, so just in case I go into labor, he'll be able to be with me. So, we've enjoyed having him home to be able to be together as a little family. Its so weird how everything changes, in a few weeks, it won't be just the 3 of us! and that freaks me out a little....but, Meikle seems pretty calm. He's enjoying his calling as second counselor in the YM presidency, and enjoys working with the deacons a lot. Our ward is really organized and good about attendance with the youth, so he's had a lot of fun getting to know the boys. But, everything else is good for him, just loving life, and working.....he's been dealing a lot with a crazy prego wife. haha. I've had these stupid migraines so horribly this pregnancy, that I can't wait to be done!!! Well, and back pain that comes with carrying her so much lower than Kaden. So, poor Meikle has dealt with the brunt of a cranky wife, but...I've been trying to get better! I always feel so horrible when I realize I'm being retarded, but ladies as you know, when you're pregnant, you can't control it! haha.....but, besides that, I've been really good, just anxious/nervous/excited and so many other emotions about actually having Sydney here with us! We got her room painted, now we need to put up the trim.....we got Kaden his new big boy crib (that converts into his "big boy bed" later) and moved the changing table into Sydney's room along with her crib. So, things are slowly coming together!!! But, moving on.....little Kaden, has been such a fun kid!!! I love it!!! He is shy, but when he gets used to people is such a funny kid. Not really a performer and isn't a big fan of doing things on command, but it makes it that much more funny when he does silly things. He absolutely adores our cat, Elmo....which he has named "melmo" and chases her around the house like all day long! Besides that, he of course is still a big fan of throwing/catching/kicking balls. And LOVES to be outside! (which luckily, its cooling down a little bit, so I can actually go outside for longer than 5 minutes with him). But, health wise, everyone is good and happy, so we're just waiting for the arrival of our little new addition, and I will try and get some pictures posted.....(I forget how to do it, so....I'll figure it out when I have more time haha)........... :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We found a house!!! Hooray!!! We actually have been living in it for a little over a month, I just suck at posting things on our blog.....But, recap, Meikle is doing really well. Just working away, he'll be doing a lot of traveling the next few months which is a bummer, but good he has work.....But, I'll miss him like crazy!!! Kelley is doing good, feeling bigger everyday, and already feeling like its time for the baby to be here......but I have like 4 more months haha. But, baby girl(Sydney Alyse Garrett), will be here soon!!! We're super excited and loving every minute!!! Kelley unfortunately had to put in her two weeks at USA Gymnastics with Meikle being out of town a lot recently, but is very excited to be able to spend so much time with Meikle and Kaden at home!!! Kaden is doing amazing, walking around like crazy....he turned into a little boy, not just my baby Kaden! He still gets a little ezcema, but, we finally figured out, he's allergic to eggs!!! So, anything with eggs we've had to cut out, and he's been ten times happier and his ezcema has almost gone away!!! So, thank goodness we figured it out! He is the happiest little guy in the whole world, and we love watching him enjoy life! Meikle and I are excited to have started this new chapter in our lives, and are so happy to have this wonderful home!!! We are quickly trying to make it more "home-y" but taking it one day at a time. We are excited for Daddy's day coming up and Kaden and I have had a lot of fun going shopping! Kaden loves his daddy, but has been a big momma's boy lately......which is funny cause he was a big daddy's boy last month. So, who knows?!?! We absolutely love him to death, and I promise I'll get better about blogging, now that I have more time!!! :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

house looking

so, bummer....we made an offer on a house that we fell in love with, and they took another, back to square one! haha, But, besides that, life is good....we are still looking around for a house, so keep your eyes open! Kelley is feeling much better, still has really bad migraines, but not feeling sick anymore which is awesome!!! She got a job coaching gymnastics(TNT) and possibly cheer in the next little while at USA Gymnastics. So, it's a fun way for her to escape and do what she LOVES!!! As for Meikle, everything's same old, just looking for houses, so its stressing us both out like crazy. And as for little Kaden Boy, he's doing good! Still getting eczema, so we're taking him back to the dermatologist to see if there's anything more we can do. He caught a little cold, is sick with a cough and sniffles. Poor buddy, so hopefully Mom won't catch it! But,'s good. Kelley is excited for her birthday coming up and for Easter that Kaden will kind of have a clue of whats going on....and ya.

Devan-I'll do that tag thing when I get home...haha, don't get so upset :) just kidding

Monday, March 2, 2009


so this blogging thing, can sometimes be confusing....I think somehow I erased all of our profile stuff. But, quick update....Kelley is doing great! (aside from migraines, and morning sickness...), yes....morning sickness....Baby number two is due October 4th! So, she keeps busy with Kaden, and cleaning house. Also LOVES to scrapbook/make cards, and works two days a week babysitting for a family with 3 kids (one's in school though, so pretty much 2 kids). Meikle is still going to work and is also taking a Calculus class to advance his education in....we still aren't sure :) And little Kaden Boy, is happy as can be, but has recently had really really bad eczema, and we think allergies. So, that hasn't been fun. It has been a weird few weeks with him not sleepy/being cranky....we're not used to it. But, today his mood was 10,000 times better, which puts us all in a better mood! So, we're loving life, and just enjoying time together. We've been looking for houses to hopefully move into, so keep your fingers crossed! But, I'm going to play with we'll try to update this more regularly, for now, deal with it :) peace out

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, Meikle and I are doing great!!! We love life....Kaden is getting such a personality, it's awesome! He celebrated his first birthday on 2.1.09 and I will try to post some cute pictures...and get this thing updated. He's teething right now, so he's a little grumpy, and I'm tired of it haha....I hate waking up in the middle of the night to try help him, when all he does is scream....but I absolutely love when he falls asleep on my chest, and I get to cuddle him. Meikle is such a great daddy, and we're just hanging out! We're looking for houses in Mesa, so keep your eyes open for us!!! :)