Tuesday, March 31, 2009

house looking

so, bummer....we made an offer on a house that we fell in love with, and they took another offer....so, back to square one! haha, But, besides that, life is good....we are still looking around for a house, so keep your eyes open! Kelley is feeling much better, still has really bad migraines, but not feeling sick anymore which is awesome!!! She got a job coaching gymnastics(TNT) and possibly cheer in the next little while at USA Gymnastics. So, it's a fun way for her to escape and do what she LOVES!!! As for Meikle, everything's same old, just looking for houses, so its stressing us both out like crazy. And as for little Kaden Boy, he's doing good! Still getting eczema, so we're taking him back to the dermatologist to see if there's anything more we can do. He caught a little cold, so...now is sick with a cough and sniffles. Poor buddy, so hopefully Mom won't catch it! But, ya....life's good. Kelley is excited for her birthday coming up and for Easter that Kaden will kind of have a clue of whats going on....and ya.

Devan-I'll do that tag thing when I get home...haha, don't get so upset :) just kidding


Scott and Amy said...

You could always move here!!! The real-estate market has so much to offer right now.Everyone lost their jobs so there are a lot of houses on the market. We would love to have another little boy to play with, Kaden would fit right in.

Anonymous said...

You could just buy your apartment and live here forever with us. :) Get bloggin' sista!