Monday, October 5, 2009

So Kaden and I made a trip up to Utah for my neice, Valerie, Miranda's oldest daughter, to see her baptism. It was over Labor Day so I am a little slow in putting stuff up but hey, thats life. We drove up on Friday and back on Monday so it was busy and quick but we did get to see one of my good friends from Australia, Robyn Jarman. She brought us some red gummi frogs! Just about the best lolly ever made! Too bad it has to be imported to get some. But we had fun and gave Kelley a quiet weekend to work on the baby bumper for the new baby's crib (who was due yesterday and nothing came out!). Kaden wanted to play in the grass the whole time we were in Utah (since ours is dead at our house he doesnt like it much...).

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Tia said...

Wow, he's getting so big! Sorry you're officially "overdue". Hope to hear good news soon! Good luck :)