Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Weeks!

Ahh....crazyness, so two weeks left until Sydney Alyse is here.....(well, until she's due). So, thought I should try and fill ya'll in before she's here and there isn't time....Meikle is doing good, his office had him stop traveling for a while, so just in case I go into labor, he'll be able to be with me. So, we've enjoyed having him home to be able to be together as a little family. Its so weird how everything changes, in a few weeks, it won't be just the 3 of us! and that freaks me out a little....but, Meikle seems pretty calm. He's enjoying his calling as second counselor in the YM presidency, and enjoys working with the deacons a lot. Our ward is really organized and good about attendance with the youth, so he's had a lot of fun getting to know the boys. But, everything else is good for him, just loving life, and working.....he's been dealing a lot with a crazy prego wife. haha. I've had these stupid migraines so horribly this pregnancy, that I can't wait to be done!!! Well, and back pain that comes with carrying her so much lower than Kaden. So, poor Meikle has dealt with the brunt of a cranky wife, but...I've been trying to get better! I always feel so horrible when I realize I'm being retarded, but ladies as you know, when you're pregnant, you can't control it! haha.....but, besides that, I've been really good, just anxious/nervous/excited and so many other emotions about actually having Sydney here with us! We got her room painted, now we need to put up the trim.....we got Kaden his new big boy crib (that converts into his "big boy bed" later) and moved the changing table into Sydney's room along with her crib. So, things are slowly coming together!!! But, moving on.....little Kaden, has been such a fun kid!!! I love it!!! He is shy, but when he gets used to people is such a funny kid. Not really a performer and isn't a big fan of doing things on command, but it makes it that much more funny when he does silly things. He absolutely adores our cat, Elmo....which he has named "melmo" and chases her around the house like all day long! Besides that, he of course is still a big fan of throwing/catching/kicking balls. And LOVES to be outside! (which luckily, its cooling down a little bit, so I can actually go outside for longer than 5 minutes with him). But, health wise, everyone is good and happy, so we're just waiting for the arrival of our little new addition, and I will try and get some pictures posted.....(I forget how to do it, so....I'll figure it out when I have more time haha)........... :)


Aston Family said...
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Aston Family said...

Kelley!!! I can't believe its almost time and you guys will have two kids!! you are going to do great!!! She will be soo cute! You def gotta post lots of pics!