Wednesday, October 6, 2010

$30,000 and a surgery 2

Dear Doctors,

Thank you for being stupid at times.....I don't mean that to be rude, but, sometimes I wish you would listen to Mom's or Dad's when they bring in a concern and ask you to do something for 7 months in a row. For instance, when our little girl's tongue is not able to touch the roof of her mouth, and it makes her aspirate, leading her to throw up anything and everything, and leading us to a $30,000 hospital bill on top of the horrible sight of seeing your daughter throw up for 2 months straight.....just listen next time please :) I'm not mad, and not bitter, although this may sound a little of both. But, just step down off of your pedestal, and realize you're human talking to other humans for the well-being of a baby. I'm not saying I'm as smart as you, or that I know more than you, but.....take one for the team in admitting that doctors are wrong all the time. They do call their work a "practice". That's all. =)

Dear other Doctors/Nurses,

I LOVE that their are people willing to dedicate their lives into saving others'. And you guys are amazing! So, thank you to all of the others out there that were there to help fix our problem when we were at one of our worst lived fears. Thank you for clipping her tongue and helping our daughter be able to eat on her own again without depending on a tube. You guys helped us through a lot in our time of trial, and we deeply appreciate it.

Dear family and friends,

Your prayers and thoughts for little Sydney girl were such a blessing! Thank you for all the love and support. We feel very blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives! :)


Peace Love and Crayons said...

Dear KElley belly

I love you and your adorable blog. I can't wait to see you and Sydney Sue at the bday bash!!!

ps. I Love feeding the fishies :)

Kelley said...

hahaha, yay! You're coming! :) I miss you! And,'s a work in progress. I really wish it was cuter/I had the time to make it cuter. But, I value sleep too much hahaha.

And, yes, I love feeding the fishies too :) That was Meikle's