Tuesday, July 6, 2010

February.....my bad that it's late

So, Since I am silly and don't EVER update this, I decided to do a few posts to catch up. So, here's to February....Kaden caught RSV in January, and passed it along to Sydney, so January and February we were kind of quarantined (sp?) So, this meant, no birthday party for Kaden boy....but, he's only 2 so he already forgave us! :) For his birthday we just did a small little cake, and opened a few presents. Nonna (my mom) came over and gave Kaden his favorite present of all. A Woody/Buzz toy!!! :) -He still plays with these all the time!

But, there wasn't anything too eventful in February for us. We just stayed low and spent time together! One of the nights we built this cool tent in our family room and watched a one of Kaden's favorites, Cars!!! :) I love our little family!

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