Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We had such a fun April!!! There was a lot going on in April between all of the Easter festivities, and then My birthday, and our friends birthday. But, anyways. Our friends "borrowed" our kids while Meikle and I enjoyed a date, and they took the kids for a ride in the wagon. So, sweet that they both fell asleep! I LOVE this picture, and hope that they can always be cute like this together forever! :-P

Since it was the big 6 months, Sydney hit the landmark of being "allowed" solid foods! Woohoo! We usually start with veggies first, so that they won't get a sweet tooth too early ;-) But, the first food we tried, was very fitting for April, and all of the hype of Easter.....CARROTS! I was too anxious to let her try them, so I did it while Meikle was at work, which I regret, not only that he didn't get to be there for the first "real" food, but also to help me snap some pictures! She LOVED the idea of the spoon and solid food, but had a really hard time with it. Kaden was tongue tied when he was born, but they clipped it really soon after birth, and he handled a spoon like a champ, but Sydney had no idea (and still has a hard time) with using a spoon. But, take in mind, she still is tongue tied, and poor girl doesn't know what to do with a spoon and her tongue at the same time! But, everytime she got a mouthful of carrots, she made this hilarious face of disgust. I tried capturing it while feeding her, and it took me a few tries, but I finally managed to snap this adorable face, of "what the heck are you feeding me?!?!" Kids make me laugh, and I absolutely adore being a mom!!!

My mom and I had seen this super neat project around the scrapbook store and absolutely LOVED the idea. Too bad they wanted you to pay like $90 bucks for the name, and that didn't even include the frame. So, mom and I decided to just do it ourselves. We picked out all our paper to match her room (purple, blue and green) and used our handy dandy Cricut to create our gorgeous hand-made, not too common name frame!!!! :) I was so excited with the results, the only thing I would change would be to find a frame first, and then make the project fit the frame. But, still.....I love it! It goes so well above her crib!

The big day has arrived!!! Easter! :) It had always been one of my favorite holidays, being that it is close to my birthday, and the beautiful time of the year where the weather in sunny AZ is amazing. But, it definitely was more fun this year to let Kaden find Easter eggs, and celebrate it with family. We ended up going to my parents house for a Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and then stayed the night so that we were able to watch General Conference on Sunday. We loved being able to watch Kaden hunt for eggs and his Easter baskets, and had a really enjoyable time relaxing with family.

Since we had Kaden, I've always tried to make us all match as a family, and this Easter, I was determined! Luckily I found Kaden and Sydney's clothes at Children's place, so there's automatically matched, and all I had to do was match Meikle and I to them, and we could be the cutest. Too bad we never got a picture of the 4 of us in our matching clothes to prove it. And, I was so excited to go to Church Easter Sunday with our matchingness, and of course, it was General Conference so we had to wear it the Sunday before. But, o well. :) I guess I'm just a little silly like that.

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Aston Family said...

Kell your kiddos are adorable!!! I love the frame with Sydney's name too!! I can't believe you guys made that! Wow! Adorable!! Sooo happy all is well with your lil fam! :)