Tuesday, July 6, 2010

March.....better late than never, right?!

Sydney is 5 months old, and getting way too big for her own good! :) This picture captures her sweet smile/personality. She is the cutest.....but, I'm a little biased. And of course, Mr. Kaden is still my favorite little boy ever!!! He is so cute with his sister, and just loves her! We love to watch the beginning of a fun friendship.

March was a fun month for us, since we were illness free we made the most of it! We did a lot of things just to get out of the house! Which is always a nice break. One of the things we did was went bowling with some of our friends. We had a blast and Kaden enjoyed "smashing pins!"

Luckily we had this handy dandy bowling ramp to at least somewhat help us bowl with Kaden. We also had bumpers, which helped us all out ;-)

Another fun trip we took was to the Phoenix Zoo with my sister and her two little girls. Meikle's parents came and joined us as well. It was a super fun trip! Different going with younger kids and trying to look at animals though, I think the most exciting animals for them all were the ducks in the pond by where we ate lunch. We went over to this picnic area they had set up as a viewing animals for these cool looking monkeys that were swinging all over the place, but the kids just enjoyed looking and feeding the ducks and eating their pretzels. O well, at least they had fun.
We loved being able to just be outside. The weather was gorgeous, and we LOVE the Arizona springs! :)

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