Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sydney Sue's Hospital Extravaganza......

Ok, here's the story on how poor little Sydney wound up here in the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Around July 12th-ish, Sydney, who is the best eater that ever lived, started to spit up a little after she would drink a bottle. It wasn't everytime, or a lot or everyday. She didn't have a schedule of when she would or wouldn't, but it just was interesting because she was not a spitty baby. So, after a week, we went on vacation to Utah. Sydney was a fantastic little traveler, and once we got to Utah she started to throw up a little more. After she would drink a bottle she would throw up pretty quickly after. And, it wasn't every bottle, or at a certain time of day. But, just kind of odd. Then around the next week, she started throwing up more and more....and then it slowly progressed to anything she drank. Milk, water, or juice. So, I felt it was strange, but the doctor wasn't too worried. So, she continually started to get worse, and drink and then throw up. But, slowly anything pureed that she ate she would throw up. And it just progressed to where she couldn't eat anything without throwing up. Which still didn't concern the doctor, but yet her Ezcema did. Weird, but.....o well. So, our pediatrician sent us to the allergists. They tested her and she was allergic to milk, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts and cashews!!!! Crazyness, but I stopped feeding her those things and the allergist mentioned she might have a disorder called E.E (Eosinphillic Esophagitis). He gave me a pamphlet and sent me to a pediatric GI. So about a week later we saw him. He thinks she might have E.E too, and thinks she's throwing up because of allergies. But, who knows?!?!?! So, my little Sydney hadn't had a wet diaper from around 4a.m-11a.m, which was crazy for a little girl, so I brought her into the ER with Meikle and we were there until around 6:30 pm this last wednesday. They admitted her to the hospital, and here we are still. She's still throwing up, and not drinking anything, so they gave her a feeding tube and IV. My poor little baby is still so sick!!! And, Kaden is having the HARDEST time understanding what is going on! It's soooo sad. Today when we came to visit, on the way over, we had this conversation:
Kaden-"Mommy, are we going to see Sydney Sue?"
Me-"Yup, and Daddy!"
Kaden-"Is Sydney Sue all better?"
Me-"Not yet....She's still sick."
Kaden-"Mommy, Sydney's broken. She needs new batteries...."

I feel so bad! I wish it were that easy!!!! And I wish that Kaden can stay calm, and understand, but he's only 2, so he can't quite get it.....

But, anyways. We are holding up, and doing well. Tired, and having a hard time spreading our attention between the kids/work and driving back and forth to PCH. But, Sydney is sleeping, and so I'm getting my rest that I need now too!!! Just wanted to keep everyone posted!!! :)


Dana said...

Please let us know how it all turns out. We're praying for her.

Sarah and Chris said...

I hope that she gets better soon so you can leave the hospital. It will be nice when you can all be together at home again but that probably won't happen until she starts eating and drinking normally again. Our hopes and prayers are with you!