Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a kid now?!?

Mr. Kaden Meikle turned 3 on February 1st! We celebrated with a Toy Story party and had such great time with family and friends.

We played Pin the Sheriff's badge on Woody
(I like how Sydney is wearing one of the shirts Kaden got for his party)

blowing out the candles!

the cupcakes and "goody" bags.
(we made magnets for all the kids with some toy story candies)

One of Kaden's favorite toys. A shake and go Buzz car!

one of his other favorite dough.
thanks for that.
Just kidding! :-P

He had a blast and was so excited that he could share his birthday with his good friends!
Thanks for everything! He LOVED it!

Our favorite things about Kaden:
*he LOVES to talk.....sometimes it's a little annoying, but still fun
*he has the cutest little rhaspy voice still
*he plays so well with Sydney and is the best little helper ever!
*he has such a caring heart and is so sweet

we just love him to pieces!

Kaden's favorite things:
*color: green
*food: chicken nuggets-more specific, McDonald's nuggets
*toy: bad Buzz (he got one that has the blue utility belt from Toy Story 2, and he calls him the bad buzz)
*game: checkers and sorry
*song: twinkle twinkle, lala lu, and the only exception
*movie: Toy Story 2 and Curious George

We've enjoyed having Kaden so much and he brings us joy every day! :)

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